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Refusal Consolidation of Loans

You must do your best to understand why in order to find an organization that can buy back your credits.

The first step is to make an inventory. Look for answers to your questions: who is behind the refusal of your Mr. Moto Credit, the broker or the lending institution. 
Then ask the credit agency for the different parameters that justify the refusal of your loan restructuring. Written justification is more appropriate in relation to oral explanations.

The second step is reflection. First, note that credit organizations can accept or reject your loan consolidation request. Brokers like you are beneficiaries if your file is accepted. Indeed, they earn their commissions once credit granted.

Be aware that lending institutions are doing a meticulous study of your file

They must know your borrower profile to know if you are in a position to repay your credit. They choose borrowers who are less risky. 
With this banking operation, it is necessary to know that your record must be reassuring and you must have a good borrower profile for your loan consolidation to be granted. 
In some very rare cases, your file may fall into the hands of an incompetent person who has omitted essential details for your application to be granted.

The third step is to continue your request. Indeed, you may have a refusal from a credit agency but others may grant it. You must, therefore, compete in your favor and send several requests to lenders.

For your new applications, think about the details that you have left out in your file and that can work in your favor as a forgotten active person, inherited land, a source of regular money, copyrights, or pensions. 
If you have a CDI contract, it is a good parameter that will plead in your favor for obtaining a Mr. Moto Credit. 
If you are in a situation of rejections on your bank account, do not resubmit your credit restructuring request until a few months later, and avoid rejections and unpaid debts.

If you live with your parents or family, the agencies will allocate a virtual rent in the calculation of the interest rate. It is a factor of refusal of your request.

Look for someone who can pay you a deposit or mortgage to support your claim

Start a conversation with your advisor to see what to do. he is best able to give you advice.
Play nearby, do not apply to your address if you live in Dom-Tom and Corsica.

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