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Payday Advance Loans Online: Start your payday loan application today

Payday advance loans online are increasingly popular financial products. They began to become known after the crisis, and the latest banking reforms have made them the ideal funding source for many urgent needs. If you want to know how payday advance loans online work, we invite you to read additional info.

Traditional credit circuits used to present certain limitations when authorizing the loan. Especially when the guarantee of the same was going to be the good you bought. For example, if you needed financing to buy a house or a car, the usual thing was that you had to explain why you wanted the money, and even that you value the vehicle or property.

Fortunately, times have changed. Currently, digital lenders allow you to obtain financing for any purpose. The important thing is not what you want to do with the money, but that you can return it. These are the needs that our customers usually point to when requesting financing:


Fines are always unexpected. In addition, the 50% discount on the proposed penalty for early payment causes many people to resort to voluntary payment. If you do not want to play with a resource, request a quick credit will allow you to pay in installments.

Accidents and breakdowns

Many customers come in search of a mini-loan when the boiler or heater breaks. The refrigerator and the washing machine are the other two appliances that need a quick repair.

On the other hand, there are those who go in search of quick money when their glasses are broken or to pay for small repairs of plumbing, electricity, and locksmithing. Another classic is the car. And if you work with a computer, a mobile phone or a camera, do not doubt that at some point you will be left lying.


Although some people prefer not to resort to advances, the truth is that the payment of unexpected bills is another reason that makes the request of these loans recommendable. Among them, the most frequent are those corresponding to medical expenses such as those derived from accidents, dentists and clinical tests. Educational receipts are less frequent, but also pressing.

Another common item among unforeseen expenses is that of utility bills. And, in the worst case, you can owe money to suppliers in your business. An advance will allow you to avoid surcharges, interest and management expenses and claims. In addition, you will maintain the supply, without having to make subsequent registrations.

The slope of January… and of June… and September… and December!

The slope of January is hard for us all. But the truth is that there are dates when we spend a lot more money. The most typical examples are:

  • The holidays, in summer.
  • Back to school.
  • Christmas.

So, if it happens to you like the rest of the mortals, you probably need a capital injection eventually. For these moments, online credits are a great option.

Yes, but… how fast are online credits?

Yes, but... how fast are online credits?

Most of the expenses that we have indicated, as well as extraordinary, come as a surprise. This implies that many times, you will be subject to very short payment terms. The traditional financial circuits were not useful for this type of expenses since much time was lost in bureaucracy and paperwork.

That’s why this type of solution emerged, much more agile. When you apply for an online credit with the immediate response you can get confirmation of it in less than fifteen minutes.

In addition, the availability of cash is becoming faster. Although at first, it seemed revolutionary that you obtained the payment in less than a week, nowadays you can take minutes to enjoy the borrowed capital.

This will depend on the lender you choose and, often, on the financial institution where you want the collection to be made. Do you want to know how to apply for one of these loans?

Procedures required to apply for an online loan

In order to make money available to you immediately, urgent loans reduce their bureaucracy to the maximum possible. Although the procedure will vary slightly with each lender, immediacy is common to all of them.

For this, all procedures are carried out through the Internet. The providers of services such as Astro Finance offer comparators so that you can choose the financial one that offers the best conditions. Therefore, once your lender is chosen, it will suffice with what signals you need the money and the term of the capital amortization.

Most companies (not all) will ask you to prove your ability to pay back later. In addition to the classic payroll, any proof of regular income will be of use.

On the other hand, you will need to offer other information so that they can locate and pay you:

  • Your identification, including your ID.
  • One way of contact. Usually, the telephone and e-mail are used, in order to communicate with you via SMS or email.
  • The account number where you want to receive the deposit. If you belong to a banking entity collaborating with your lender, you will receive the loan instantaneously.

Once this information is offered and the conditions accepted, you will receive confirmation of the loan almost instantaneously. If confirmed, the deposit will be made in a few minutes.

What costs do loans have with immediate confirmation?

The truth is that the costs of this type of credit are nothing out of the ordinary. Some entities will charge you commissions, such as opening or cancellation fees. However, the items to which you must pay maximum attention are:

  • The APR applicable. This index will determine the final price of the loan. It is more accurate than the TIN when calculating the cost of the financial instrument since it includes concepts such as commissions and associated expenses.
  • The interests of delay. This game is usually the one that shoots the most in fast financing. So you will have to make sure that they are not exorbitant and, above all, that you can return the money within the agreed period.

As you can see, the online credits with immediate response are very useful. In addition, it is very easy to request them and very quickly collect them. At Astro Finance we put at your disposal a selection of the best lenders, so you can find the best option for urgent financing.

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